week in review

an eventful one week has elapsed. a bit tiring and stressful, but thats what makes life fun. week started with preps for the summative. Quite fun to relive the 'prep at school' life again. Staying at the library from 8 to 10 just brings fond memories of KYS. Guess theres another silver lining to the injured knee - study to makes my mind wander away from the knee.
as for the summative, as expected - tough. i think its the best summative if i done so far in IMU. what grades will i get? as usual my answer- it doesn't matters. i'll learn from my mistakes more than from my success.
weekend came which means - sunathon at kampung serendah, hulu selangor. nice experience. fun looking at some of the kid's reaction. from utter coolness to being hysterical. just helped out at post operation, because i was too lazy to hangout in the operation room and suture.
as for today, im forking out a whooping 400 us dollars to buy myself an acl knee brace. just had to. my knees are just as good as jello.

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