the frozen mind

tuesday, 25 november 08 - unbelieveably today i basically did nothing at all. well, minus the showers, prayers and eating. other than that the whole day can be summed up as a good day on the bed and sofa. i'm not sure i'm tired out, because theres nothing much i had done the day before. class and had a trip to cyberjaya, and basically that was it. if fatigue is not to be blamed i guess its just the state of the mind. somehow i believe it is frozen up and not processing as fast as it should be. multiple things are running in my head but somehow i'm back to pentium 2 (or is it 1?).all i can say is that i'm getting more and more confused, and feeling quite lost right now.praying for divine intervention in finding solutions and helping me to decide my path, coz i really hate what i'm feeling right now -a cocktail of emotions.

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