What Your Hands Say About You

You are logical, analytical, and rational. You have good verbal skills.

Flexible and broad minded, you can fit in to any situation. There's no telling where your life will take you.

Practical and down to earth, you're a doer not a dreamer. You rather get something done than think about it all day.

Your emotions tend to be well though out. You're willing to wait out a bad situation, and you're never too quick to act.


"don't judge a book, by its cover".no truer words..people may seem ok on the outside..but who knows what is bottled inside..in my case, i have to say that most of the time, i put on a brave face and sometimes put on an innocent face and even an interested face when i see people go study abroad, come back and tell off their stories.well i have to admit that most of the times, i feel jealous and gutted.not saying the amount of frustration that is inside of me.all i have worked for, the bloody effort, the damn achievements i fought for, and it all comes to nothing.yeah, i got an entry into a local med school.what a consolation.another thing i feel is anger.i can't believe that some undeserving people managed to fly off.and then they get their noses all high.come on...some people didn't even open up their freaking mouth during interviews.i was surprised to see those muted people in intec.yeah, you people have brains.but thats all you have.
some say to me..takpe dah bukan rezeki...yeah, i accept its fated...but as a human..can't help that i habour those feelings.


Have to say that it isn't the easiest thing for me.
Changing myself, changing my perspectives, changing my habits.
But i guess, no matter what i have to change.
I'm 21 now (can't believe it actually) so its now or never.
So i guess its going to be goodbyes for somethings.
Hope there'll be no more of the thoughtless me.
Hope there'll be a no more taking things easily.
Hope there'll be no more stupidity and less ignorance.
Hope there'll be no more mixing up priorities.
Hope there'll be no more dwelling on the past.
May there be more courage in my actions.
May there be more meaningful acts from myself.
May my actions bring more cheers than tears.
May i always remember i to sacrifice for my loved ones.
May i improve as i approach my date with Allah.

intec wildcats

Intec wildcats? what is that? some high school musical team wannabe? well, lets get this straight, the name wildcats was thought out before disney had the same idea.anyway its an ultimate frisbee team, not a basketball one.

Amazingly the team was formed by a group of students who just got hooked up with ultimate frisbee and wanted to introduce the game to their institution and make sure it stays. I wasn't the first to play the game in Intec. Up until now i don't really know who the first person was.But i know it was a girl. Anyway kudos to them for their preserverence to promote the game. I know that i was one of them that laughed out loud when i first heard bout the game.

But soon,i started playing, swallowed my past comments and came up with the idea to form a permanent club. Without a coach, i have to say that the first team was great.
Full of passion and commitment. Playing in paddy field-like conditions. They were just great. Now with the second team, although slow off the blocks, they also can hold their heads high with their achievements.

I just hope that the members will continue to promote the game and build the third generation of the wildcats. And i hope that those who has flown off abroad, continue to play and keep the disc flying.And mebbe form their own 'wildcats'.

Singapore open

well i know that its a little bit late to come up with my thoughts on
SUO 2007 seing that a month has passed by. anyway its better late than never.

So i'll summarize chronologically, beginning with the plan to come down to Singapore.
Have to say that it really got on my nerves. Lack of coordination, commitment (because some found it too hard to save some money) and the favourite malaysian attitude- last minute work.
Nevertheless, i got the team to Singapore and have to say that we got lucky in the trip; an easy entry into Singapore, got a nice place to rest for a while, free breakfast. But that was as far as we were lucky. We played very well in the tournament, just to unluckily lose to small margins to more experienced team. But the win against Muddy Grass was just brilliant. Everyone played their hearts out, great spirit and won respect of other teams.Hope that it'll be a catalyst for the rest to strive for greater heights.
But, there was a downpart to it. Some people came with the wrong mentality and had the cheek to pull a long face.Come on, we came to compete and not for a holiday. Wasn't a suitable time to go for walks when we have a game.So before coming decide: to play or to holiday.
The journey back home was an unforgettable one.Little India was crazy.You don't feel you are in Singapore.

But whatever it is, hopefully i can go for another trip with these guys.Some improvements are needed and i'm sure it'll be better as the team matures. So where are we going next? Bali, rite...?!


"oh, hazwan? yeah, i know that guy."
" haha! i know everything bout that boy."
"do you really want to know the real hazwan? i'll tell you."

its amazing really how many people in the world think that they know me? do the really know the real me?or is it just a matter of perspective?well, it might just be a matter of opinion.
i can't blame them for saying anything about me.its basic human rights to speak up.worse comes to worse, i'll speak back about them.
for me its better if you get to know me (in person or writing) then make up your mind to love or hate me.
cheers. :)

name:muhammad hazwan
location: kl, malaysia
d.ob: 16/10/1986
profession: MBBS student, blog writer, ultimate frisbee player, man.utd supporter