"oh, hazwan? yeah, i know that guy."
" haha! i know everything bout that boy."
"do you really want to know the real hazwan? i'll tell you."

its amazing really how many people in the world think that they know me? do the really know the real me?or is it just a matter of perspective?well, it might just be a matter of opinion.
i can't blame them for saying anything about me.its basic human rights to speak up.worse comes to worse, i'll speak back about them.
for me its better if you get to know me (in person or writing) then make up your mind to love or hate me.
cheers. :)

name:muhammad hazwan
location: kl, malaysia
d.ob: 16/10/1986
profession: MBBS student, blog writer, ultimate frisbee player, man.utd supporter