the broken knee ironic was it that i ruptured two of my knee ligaments in the event that i had really really anticipated and prepared for. 30 August-the Singapore Open 2008 at Farrer Park will always be an occasion i will always remember - for the most painful thing i have ever felt physically.

A 3 hour operation to clear my disfigured knee (the orthopaedic said its the worst non contact injury he's ever seen), clean out the cellular debris, reconstruct my lateral ligaments, repair the obliterated meniscus and just clean my torn ACL plus the estimated 5 months of rehabilitation really made me thinking. Hows life so far? and how is it going to be?

I guess its a blessing in disguise. The doctors say its a 25-75 chance of returning to active sports participation. And it just came as a wake up call. How am i going to lead my life? What am i going to be? Who am i associating and going to associate with?

A pile of questions that needs answering. And of which some answers needed to be searched for. Its not if I can just google it up.

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