intec wildcats

Intec wildcats? what is that? some high school musical team wannabe? well, lets get this straight, the name wildcats was thought out before disney had the same idea.anyway its an ultimate frisbee team, not a basketball one.

Amazingly the team was formed by a group of students who just got hooked up with ultimate frisbee and wanted to introduce the game to their institution and make sure it stays. I wasn't the first to play the game in Intec. Up until now i don't really know who the first person was.But i know it was a girl. Anyway kudos to them for their preserverence to promote the game. I know that i was one of them that laughed out loud when i first heard bout the game.

But soon,i started playing, swallowed my past comments and came up with the idea to form a permanent club. Without a coach, i have to say that the first team was great.
Full of passion and commitment. Playing in paddy field-like conditions. They were just great. Now with the second team, although slow off the blocks, they also can hold their heads high with their achievements.

I just hope that the members will continue to promote the game and build the third generation of the wildcats. And i hope that those who has flown off abroad, continue to play and keep the disc flying.And mebbe form their own 'wildcats'.

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