Singapore open

well i know that its a little bit late to come up with my thoughts on
SUO 2007 seing that a month has passed by. anyway its better late than never.

So i'll summarize chronologically, beginning with the plan to come down to Singapore.
Have to say that it really got on my nerves. Lack of coordination, commitment (because some found it too hard to save some money) and the favourite malaysian attitude- last minute work.
Nevertheless, i got the team to Singapore and have to say that we got lucky in the trip; an easy entry into Singapore, got a nice place to rest for a while, free breakfast. But that was as far as we were lucky. We played very well in the tournament, just to unluckily lose to small margins to more experienced team. But the win against Muddy Grass was just brilliant. Everyone played their hearts out, great spirit and won respect of other teams.Hope that it'll be a catalyst for the rest to strive for greater heights.
But, there was a downpart to it. Some people came with the wrong mentality and had the cheek to pull a long face.Come on, we came to compete and not for a holiday. Wasn't a suitable time to go for walks when we have a game.So before coming decide: to play or to holiday.
The journey back home was an unforgettable one.Little India was crazy.You don't feel you are in Singapore.

But whatever it is, hopefully i can go for another trip with these guys.Some improvements are needed and i'm sure it'll be better as the team matures. So where are we going next? Bali, rite...?!

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