"don't judge a book, by its cover".no truer words..people may seem ok on the outside..but who knows what is bottled my case, i have to say that most of the time, i put on a brave face and sometimes put on an innocent face and even an interested face when i see people go study abroad, come back and tell off their stories.well i have to admit that most of the times, i feel jealous and gutted.not saying the amount of frustration that is inside of me.all i have worked for, the bloody effort, the damn achievements i fought for, and it all comes to nothing.yeah, i got an entry into a local med school.what a consolation.another thing i feel is anger.i can't believe that some undeserving people managed to fly off.and then they get their noses all high.come on...some people didn't even open up their freaking mouth during interviews.i was surprised to see those muted people in intec.yeah, you people have brains.but thats all you have.
some say to me..takpe dah bukan rezeki...yeah, i accept its fated...but as a human..can't help that i habour those feelings.

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