Vietnam Hat 2007 ( its a bout time i wrote bout it)

the last few days of 2007 it has to be said, one of the most memorable day that i'll ever was only in mid december that i was enlightened to go for the Vietnam Hat...its just one of those things in life...the idea just comes out of has to be said that HCMC is a very unique place and i dare to bet that it wouldn't be the last time i'll be there....
arriving on friday 28 december at bout 3.00 pm local time at the hotel left me plenty of time to soak in the atmosphere of wish that time was that i had came with someone, but soon forgot bout it when i met up with my fellow ultimate players...i was on yellow team which was given a tongue twister of a name...liz, sara, matt, stu, dan, brian, tuan, dui, ling and some other local players (whose name i don't know how to spell) were great team mates...the team finished with a 4-3 record and i have to say that i wasn't at my best at all...guess i was overawed by other players..hehehe...but i have to say a special thanks to liz for being a great companion for the 3 days in HCMC...hmmmm..with that experience comes a dilemma...should i go to bangkok? (have to check my bank account then)

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